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Is there an old iPhone, iPad, cell phone, or other any miscellaneous electronics just sitting around the house? Do you have old vintage toys and collectibles sitting on your shelves collecting dust, or worse yet packed away in a box lost in your closet, garage, or attic? Do you have some gold or silver jewelry locked away in a box that you never wear? If you answered yes to any of those questions come see Jason at THE SHELF. Come bring us all your items lying around and turn them in to CASH. Stop using Craigslist or Pawn Shops. Come get TOP DOLLAR for your items.

How it works: You bring us an item you wish to sell. We appraise, photograph, list, and sell your item for a small commission. The commission is based on the final sale value of your item. The more your item sells for, the less commission we take!!

We have over a decade of experience selling on eBay. We are a Top Rated, Power Seller premium eBay store. What this means to you as a customer is that eBay buyers are more likely to purchase high end item from a well trusted seller.